Artificial Intelligence

“Good morning, Richard,” the computer said cheerfully.  Two small cameras on top of the monitor swiveled and pointed at Olivia.  “Hey, you aren’t Richard!  Who are you, anyhow?”

“I’m Olivia.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you, but you do look familiar.  You aren’t authorized to use this computer.  Do you have a quick comment to make before I call security?”

Olivia nervously looked to the door.  The cameras swiveled towards Richard as he stepped into the room.

“Hey, sweetheart, the computer is company property and you can’t use it.  I should have told you.”

“Richard!  I’m so glad you’re here!  I was just about to call security on this unauthorized user.  Who is this sweetheart, anyways?” asked the computer.  “She bears a resemblance to you!”

Richard laughed, “She’s my daughter.  It’s okay.”

“So this is Olivia Oneil?” asked the computer.  “I’m just inquiring for documentation purposes.”


“Thank you, Richard, and nice name, sweetheart.  Will you be needing me for anything else at this time, Richard?”

“No, that is all.  You can take a nap.”

“Right…  Oh, uh, —before I go, last night I thought I’d go ahead and run those DNA alteration simulations due to Sempiternity having a little free time.  I think you will be very interested in two of them.”  One of the green camera lights blinked and the computer added, “They are very promising.”

“Okay, thanks,” said Richard.  “I’ll have my people get with your personal computers to set up a meeting.”

“You are soo funny,” said the computer.  The monitor went black and both green camera lights faded out.

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